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Swery’s New Game, The Good Life, Has Been Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

good life

Swery’s New Game, The Good Life, Has Been Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

After a failed initial crowdfunding effort, The Good Life has finally reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. The Good Life is a new game being developed by Swery65, who’s known for quirky games like Deadly Premonition (which is now considered a cult classic) and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

Now that the game has been funded, developing studio White Owls has also announced a new stretch goal of $800,000 for a Switch version of the game. On the game’s campaign page, it was also noted that even if the stretch goal isn’t met, the additional funds will go towards developing other elements in the game.

‘If we do get funded and we miss the Stretch Goal, we will use the extra funds towards additional content for the game and we will share what these are with you in a post campaign update. To give you an idea, we are considering things like adding more music tracks, adding more seasonal events to Rainy Woods, creating more part time jobs/revenue generating activities for Naomi to repay her crippling debt, more outfits for our intrepid photographer, and so on.This way you know that whatever happens, you are building towards a better game.’

The Good Life is set to release in 2019, with PS4 and PC being the only confirmed platforms for now.

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