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Survivor 36 Episode 11: Who Got Voted Off Tonight


Survivor 36 Episode 11: Who Got Voted Off Tonight

Who Got Voted Off Survivor 36 Tonight?

In this week’s episode of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Probst introduced a twist. During the immunity challenge, the castaways were split into two tribes, where members within one tribe would compete against each other for immunity. This meant that two people could win immunity. However, it also meant that two people would be voted out in two separate tribal councils.

One tribe consisted of Michael, Laurel, Domenic, Wendell, and Kellyn. The other tribe consisted of Chelsea, Sebastian, Angela, Donathan, and Jenna. In the end, Chelsea and Domenic won immunity. Since Chelsea wasn’t able to outlast the other tribe, her tribe had to go to tribal council first. This meant that the other tribe would know who got voted out first before they had to decide.

Before the first tribal council, Jenna was on the chopping block. She tried to convince Sebastian, Chelsea, and Angela to vote Donathan. However, they already made the decision to vote out Jenna, and simply lied to her that they were voting Donathan to make her feel secure. Feeling secure, Jenna told Donathan that she was the one going home in the hopes of making Donathan himself feel secure so that he wouldn’t play his idol. However, Donathan decided that he wanted to save Jenna with his idol, so he told her to vote Sebastian. With this newfound knowledge and the belief that Donathan was still going to get voted out, she decided to let Donathan play the idol and let him get voted out.

At the council, Jenna continued to act like she was giving up since she ‘believed’ she was going home. However, Donathan went back on his word and played the idol for himself. In the end, Chelsea, Sebastian, and Angela stuck to their guns and voted out Jenna, meaning that Donathan essentially wasted his idol and Jenna got played.

As for the other tribe, Michael knew he was in danger. At first, he asked if he could borrow Donathan’s idol to show the rest of the castaways that he had some leverage, but Donathan refused. In the end, he lied to Kellyn about having an idol and said he would play it no matter what. This freaked Kellyn out, but even though Domenic didn’t believe he had an idol, Kellyn wanted to vote for Laurel to keep herself safe, and also intended to use her extra vote on her. On the flip side, Laurel and Domenic weren’t sure what to make of this idol business but considered voting out Kellyn instead as a precaution since she wasn’t part of their alliance.

Finally, the votes were all over the place. Michael received two votes, Laurel received two votes (due to Kellyn’s extra vote), while Kellyn and Wendell both received one vote each. There was a re-vote, and both Michael and Laurel were not allowed to vote. The majority ended up voting out Michael.

By the end of the episode, Michael and Jenna were voted out.

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