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State of Decay 2: What Signal Booster Does


State of Decay 2: What Signal Booster Does

What Signal Booster Does in State of Decay 2

Of the many perks that outposts can hold in State of Decay 2, Signal Booster comes across as particularly ambiguous. Judging by the name, most have surmised that it has at least something to do with radio signals, but the specifics are not quite so clear.

In actuality, the Signal Booster perk will reduce the time of your radio cooldowns by 20%, affecting the ability to ask for help to locate resources, new survivors, receive immediate over-the-phone medical help, and others. As far as perks go, its usefulness is fairly limited, particularly towards the endgame, but at least now you won’t be left pondering about its true purpose.

To unlock more mysteries surrounding outposts and more, make sure to take a look at the State of Decay 2 wiki. It has all of the info you’ll need to survive against the undead onslaught, ranging from the basics to more complex tips and tricks. It’ll prove an invaluable tool if you don’t want to end up a mere chunk wedged between a zombie’s teeth.

As always, stay tuned here on Twinfinite for all of the best news, guides and opinions! You won’t even need a Signal Booster to catch this info.

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