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State of Decay 2: How to Cure Blood Plague


State of Decay 2: How to Cure Blood Plague

How to Cure Blood Plague in State of Decay 2

The Blood Plague spells out the beginning for the end for your survivors. It is a disease contracted by being attacked by Blood Plague zombies. They’re the ones with the glowing red eyes and are often covered in the red stuff. If one of your survivors contracts the Blood Plague in State of Decay 2, you’ll need to act fast if you don’t want them to die. Fortunately, you can cure Blood Plague, so here’s what you need to know to do exactly that.

First off, the Blood Plague antidote requires Blood Plague Samples. These can be acquired from the bodies of dead Blood Plague zombies. Though, keep in mind that they won’t always drop these. Whenever you see the ability to search one of their bodies though, you’ve probably hit the jackpot. You’ll need five Blood Plague Samples in order to cure Blood Plague in State of Decay 2, but we’re not quite ready yet.

With the samples in your hand, head back to your home base. You need to build an Infirmary in any of the open slots you have (if you don’t have one already). Then, press Y when you’re next to it to open up the menu to craft items. You’ll have the option to craft the Blood Plague Antidote as long as you’ve got the Blood Plague Samples in your storage.

Now that you’ve got the antidote, simply head over to the character that’s contracted it, press Y, and select to administer the cure. That’s all you need to know to cure Blood Plague in State of Decay 2. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.


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