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Square Enix is Still Betting on a 2018 Release for Kingdom Hearts III

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Square Enix is Still Betting on a 2018 Release for Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix has just released its Financial Results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018. There’s a bunch of interesting information in there, from top performing games to the fact that they made more money on mobile titles than those on console/PC. Another interesting tid-bit from the release is the fact that Kingdom Hearts III is still listed as being a 2018 game.

Kingdom Hearts III has had a notoriously lengthy development cycle, after being announced at Sony’s E3 conference back in 2013. Since then, the game has been shown in various stages of development, with Square Enix recently showing off more of the game’s worlds and mission structure. At D23 2017, Kingdom Hearts III was given a 2018 release window, something which many were reluctant to believe, understandably so. It’s interesting then, to see Square Enix seemingly doubling down on the long-awaited sequel, and with a little over half of the year still to go, it’s entirely possible that it could hit its target.

The Financial Results highlight a successful year for the Final Fantasy series with three out of the highest earning titles being a part of the series. These include Final Fantasy XV, FF: XII Zodiac Age, and FF: Dissidia NT. Square Enix performed extremely well in the mobile gaming market over the last year, with flagship titles like Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Dragon Quest of the Stars, Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light, and Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X bringing in $858 million in revenue.

The report concludes with a look at future games, with the company expecting strong results from Kingdom Hearts III, Project Octopath Traveller, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We’ll likely see more of all three games at Square Enix’s upcoming E3 presentation, the first that the company has held since 2015. Here’s hoping that Kingdom Hearts III finally releases this year but in the mean-time, stay tuned for further updates as we get them.

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