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SMT Strange Journey Redux: How to Fuse Demons


SMT Strange Journey Redux: How to Fuse Demons

How to Fuse Demons in SMT: Strange Journey Redux

If you want to get stronger in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, you’re going to have to start looking into demon fusion at some point. This is how you create strong demons with the skills you want, and fusing regularly will reward you with powerful demons to face the tougher challenges ahead.

Basic fusion is unlocked soon after you start exploring the first dungeon, Antlia. All you have to do is open the main menu with the Y button, and select the Fusion option. The basic style simply requires you to choose two demons for fusion, and the game will tell you what kind of demon you’ll get from the process. After choosing your demons, you can also use a Demon Source to increase their repertoire of skills. Demon Sources can be obtained after you reach the maximum analysis rank with any demon, though be warned that you can only carry one at a time. These are crucial to strengthening your demons and making them more powerful than the ones you can get through recruiting.

Later on, you’ll also unlock special fusion, which allows you to create more unique demons that will require three or more demons for the process. You can even craft boss demons through this process. Every now and then, you might encounter a fusion accident, which will result in you getting a demon you never intended to create. These things don’t happen very often, but we definitely recommend saving your game right before you create your perfect party member.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Shin Megami Tense: Strange Journey Redux.

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