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The Sims 3 vs. The Sims 4: Which is Best for Your Play Style?


The Sims 3 vs. The Sims 4: Which is Best for Your Play Style?

The Sims 3 vs. The Sims 4: Which is Best for Your Play Style?

While Maxis’ The Sims has many strengths that have allowed it to remain a well known property in and out of gaming, one of its best qualities is the longevity of its titles. Even with the fourth installment of the series currently available, the third game continues to see support both in the number of players still actively playing the game and the number of mods available or in development. And yet, as the fourth game continues to grow its player base and see fan support, the two have begun to clash for the throne of de facto Sims title to play and raising the question: Which is better, The Sims 3 or The Sims 4?

The answer, much like the games, is multifaceted and dependent on the player asking the question. Each title offers different benefits, and based on which aspects of the series players enjoy most, both can be seen as the best in different situations.

For example, those looking for a game with a seemingly endless amount of content should choose The Sims 3. Having been available to players since 2009, the game has seen a bevy of official DLC as well as mods made by fans which extend and enhance the core gameplay. It also has a wide variety of character races and traits to choose from, allowing players to be as detailed and wacky as they so choose with their character and family makeup.

In contrast, The Sims 4 is the better choice for those looking to play a game that still sees active support from Maxis and has official content on the way in the future. The game also boasts superior graphics and more detail given to character interactions, allowing for better immersion in certain situations and scenarios.

Likewise, accessibility is another important factor. While it may not be the perfect port, The Sims 4 is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, whereas The Sims 3 is only available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Yet another factor is player interaction. Boasting one of the most connected and open communities around, The Sims’ fans are varied and wide spread, allowing for easy interaction based on what players love most about the game and how they want to expand their experience. Having been around for a longer period of time though, The Sims 3’s fan base is much more dedicated to helping others execute different play styles and scenarios, and can help new players maximize their enjoyment of the game. On the other hand, The Sims 4’s fan base is more current and, to an extent, larger than 3’s, allowing players to connect with a larger number of people who are experiencing the game at the same time as them.

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