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Sea of Thieves’ The Hungering Deep Update Gets Teaser Trailer and Release Date

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves’ The Hungering Deep Update Gets Teaser Trailer and Release Date

A new Sea of Thieves trailer teases the game’s upcoming major content update, called The Hungering Deep, and gives it a release date of May 29.

The trailer shows a one-eyed pirate sitting by a campfire on a beach and narrating tales of ancient and dangerous creatures from the depths of the sea. “For you see, to journey out onto the waves is to take a step into the unknown,” the unnamed pirate said. “There are things which have lived there, and ruled there far longer than us. Great terrors from the deep.” He goes on to explain these creatures were often worshiped as gods in the ancient world, with some people claiming the creatures could be summoned, and with a sacrifice they would remain undisturbed while out at sea.

The pirate ends his tale with an ominous rumor that ships have begun to disappear and that there are reported sightings of “something impossible.” While it seems the dangers the ancients faced are returning, the exact threat or threats players will be up against in Sea of Thieves after the free May 29 update remains a mystery.

Of course, a lack of information on the subject hasn’t stopped gamers from speculating. An update from the start of May added content to one of the game’s wrecked ships, adding the nameplate “The Killer Whale” above the door to the captain’s quarters, as was pointed out on Twitter. Also added to the ship was a painting of the pirate appearing in the game’s latest trailer. This has some people speculating killer whales may be a threat added to the game. Other players predict a giant shark, such as a megalodon, is the threat, as the pirate in the trailer has a shark jaw tattoo on his chest and what may be shark bites across his body.

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