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How to Reset PS4 Controller


How to Reset PS4 Controller

How to Reset a PS4 Controller

As great as technology is, sometimes it has its bad days. A glitch or weird technical hiccup can strike at any moment, and with the ever-rising costs of new tech, chances are you’ll want to try and fix what you’ve got before you go and buy a replacement. Sometimes, your PS4 controller may not pair with your PS4 at all, or you may notice that an input isn’t registering when you press the button. Whatever the issue, here’s what you need to reset your PS4 controller.

If you’re still able to use your PS4 controller to at least navigate through the menus on your PS4, you’ll want to head to the Settings option and then down to Devices, then select Bluetooth Devices. Select your PS4 controller here, press Options, and then select the Forget Device option.

Now all you need to do is use a micro USB cable to reconnect your PS4 controller back to the system itself via one of the USB ports. Press the PS button on your PS4 controller, and you should all be reconnected and good to go.

Should this not fix your PS4 controller issues, you’ll instead need to try hitting the reset button on the back of the controller. Turn off your system entirely first, as sometimes the issue can lie within your console rather than your controller. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to look for a tiny hole on the back of your PS4 controller next to the L2 button. Use an unfolded paper-clip or a long, narrow object to press the button inside the tiny hole, and keep it pressed down for 3-5 seconds. Turn your system back on, reconnect your controller to your system via the USB cable, and press the PS button. With a bit of luck, your controller should be reconnected and any issues should be resolved.

If your controller is still having issues connecting to your system, try using a different controller or USB cable entirely. This way, you can narrow down whether the fault is, in fact, with your controller and not another part of your setup.

And if all else fails, get in contact with Sony as you may need to send off your controller or system for repair (or just buy a new one, whichever you prefer).

That’s all you need to know to reset a PS4 controller. For more on all current generation systems, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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