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Rend Survival Game Blog Update Tells Us How to Stay Alive

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Rend Survival Game Blog Update Tells Us How to Stay Alive

In the latest blog update from upcoming survival game Rend, the developers have provided us with a handy guide to surviving the ruthless world they’ve created, with the first tip warning us that “everything is out to kill you.”

According to developers Frostkeep Studios (founded by former Blizzard devs), Rend is a faction-based MMO where “epic fantasy adventure meets team-based survival.” The game is set in a universe inspired by Nordic myth and will throw you in a “brutal proving ground where the strong ascend to Valhalla as victorious heroes.”

Rend is coming to PC but currently has no release date listed other than “coming soon.”

You can view all the details of the latest blog update below or go check it out on the official Rend website:



From the moment you arrive unarmed and defenseless in your faction base, you will have real-world needs to address. Your hunger, thirst, and temperature will be affected by your actions and environment. You’ll need to find water, hunt food, and protect yourself against the elements. Ignoring these basic needs will rapidly damage your health and can cause death.

The insights you gain from learning which resources are dangerous or how to cope with a biome’s temperature are critical discoveries that you can share with your faction. This will create tribal knowledge that will help your faction survive the harsh obstacles of Rend.



Your health dictates how much damage it can take and how long you can survive while starving or dehydrated. Stamina is a measure of how long your character can sprint. Running at a faster movement speed than walking is vital for escaping encounters or avoiding attacks, but drains your energy and hydration at a faster rate.

Your maximum health and stamina can be increased by wearing specific armors and replenished by potions you craft. Conversely, enemies and environments may apply wounds or diseases that reduce your maximum health and stamina. These status effects can be remedied with crafted consumables such as linen bandages or herbal tonics.



Measured as energy for hunger and hydration for thirst, keeping these gauges filled will be one of your first challenges in Rend. These needs will drive you to explore your surroundings, discover sources of nourishment, and craft items that allow you to take advantage of the environment. Your character’s activities, such as sprinting, will drain your energy and hydration at different rates. Each of the four archetypes in Rend have unique talents that can be selected and trained up to alter how your energy and hydration responds to your actions in the game.

Food can be found in Rend as raw resources harvested from plants and animals. These resources will perish over time, rendering them unfit for eating. Some items can be eaten raw for a small yet immediate energy boost but may sicken your character. Following recipes to cook meats or craft potions will alter the amount of time before a consumable spoils. Later recipes will allow you to cook special consumables that grant bonuses to movement speed, experience gain, temperature resistances, and much more.

Water can be collected from both pure and plentiful sources, as well as diseased and limited locations. Many biomes require you to bring your own source of hydration. While the fresh organs of slain creatures can be used to carry water, they leak and decay rapidly. Crafting durable items to hold water is key to your survival when traversing areas without native sources.



The day and night cycle in Rend is not cosmetic: temperatures rise and fall with the position of the sun, making some biomes a health risk for an unprepared warrior. Freezing and sweltering conditions have different impacts on your hunger and thirst: cold temperatures consume your energy more rapidly while hot temperatures cause you to lose hydration faster. Fevers contracted from poisonous water sources can be exacerbated by creatures that apply diseases and further increase your body temperature. Later biomes have constant weather systems that make them lethal after just a few minutes of exposure. However, these same regions are home to valuable resources necessary for advancing your faction’s technology and power.

Through crafting, you’ll be able to make equipment designed to counter the effects of these dangerous climates. Silk harvested from arachnids can be woven into light, breathable armor that increases heat resistance. Heavy yxen pelts can be made into fur armor granting cold resistance. Attuned armor sets may have less damage mitigation but will be crucial to survive the extreme lands of Rend.



Once you’ve mastered keeping your energy and hydration in balance, then the real game begins: preparing your faction for battle with the opposing teams!


Wiehahn is a freelance writer based in the sun-soaked city of Cape Town, South Africa. When he isn't busy tenderizing his keyboard with a barrage of keystrokes you can either find him exploring various digital landscapes, consuming copious amounts of coffee, or getting all analog with these strange and ancient things called "books"... they're pretty cool.

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