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Raft: How to Get Water


Raft: How to Get Water

How to Get Water in Raft

The bitter irony of being stuck out at sea in Raft: you’re surrounded by water in every direction, yet drinking it will only bring you closer to your death. If it makes it any easier, just consider that there’s a shark lurking about in that ocean, so maybe sticking your face in for a guzzle isn’t a great idea to begin with.

But all is not lost, because that salt water that would kill you under normal circumstances can be reverted into clean drinking water with just a few quick steps. First off, you’ll have to craft yourself an Empty Can by using 2 Scrap. Fill your can with sea water (press E to do so) and bring it to the Water Purifier. If you haven’t already constructed the Water Purifier, you can do so with 4 Scrap and 1 Rope.

Place the can onto the Water Purifier and boil it, and your reward will be delicious Drinkable Water to keep your body hydrated and your spirits lifted. Once you’ve got the resources gathered for this process, you won’t find yourself short of water anytime soon. As for the other issues you’ll encounter out there in the briny deep? Be sure to check out Twinfinite for more Raft tips and tricks!

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