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Raft: How to Get Sand


Raft: How to Get Sand

How to Get Sand in Raft

Sand is a valuable crafting resource in Raft, but getting it will require a little bit of hard (and dangerous) work. As you may suspect, it is abundant on the ocean floor beneath you. But with an entire body of water standing between you and that precious sand, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed.

The first thing you’ll want to do before getting your toes wet is to anchor near an island. The sea floor is a lot shallower in these areas, allowing you to plunge deep enough to hit the bottom. Once you’ve hit your destination, ensure that the shark is dealt with. As neat as it may sound to swim with the wildlife, it will eat you as soon as you submerge yourself, so don’t even think about getting friendly with it. Whether you want to kill it with a spear or distract it is up to you, but in either event, your time will be limited, so make the best of every moment!

Dive down towards the bottom, and use your hook to harvest sand from the ocean floor. Remember that a greedy adventurer is often a dead one, so don’t dally down there longer than is absolutely necessary. If you’re looking for more jewels like this, check out Twinfinite for the best tips and guides!

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