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PUBG Xbox One: How to Play New Miramar Map


PUBG Xbox One: How to Play New Miramar Map

How to Play New Miramar Map on PUBG Xbox One

PUBG Xbox One has just added a new map called Miramar Island. Unlike Erangel, this barren wasteland is nothing but dust, mountains, and destroyed villages. The area has been patched in the Steam version for some time now, but it’s finally making its way to the Xbox One. That said, some players might be wondering how to play the Miramar map on their consoles.

Unfortunately, players can’t choose which map they play on in PUBG Xbox One. There aren’t any matchmaking options to select the desert district as their starting map, so fans will just have to keep playing until they finally get it. Luckily, it does seem like players have a bigger chance of stumbling across Miramar Island in the game. The new map is part of all the game modes, be it solo, duo, or a four-man squad.

Incidentally, the recent PUBG Xbox One update has also added a slew of new features to the game. There are some other weapons and vehicles you can look forward to, such as the R45 handgun, sawed-off shotgun, Win 94 rifle, a six-seater minibus, and even a pickup truck.

For more details on the new PUBG Miramar map on the Xbox One, make sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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