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Latest PUBG Update Adds New Parachute Skin and the Aviator Crate


Latest PUBG Update Adds New Parachute Skin and the Aviator Crate

PUBG Corp has detailed the latest update set to come to PUBG this week. It’s a relatively small update when compared to recent ones, but still adds plenty of new cosmetic items and bug fixes. Here’s everything included in PUBG Update #13.

First up, there’s some minor gameplay tweaks. Both the Lightweight Grip and Half Grip can now be attached to the Vector. Shotguns and the M16A4 Rifle have seen minor balancing updates, and chokes and duckbills are now less effective at decreasing spread. A new parachute skin has been added to the game. The ‘Bengal Tiger’ skin can be purchased separately as an individual item for $4.99(price will vary slightly in some regions, based on global exchange rates). It can be purchased only once per account and cannot be traded via the Steam Marketplace. They can be accessed and equipped via the Customization and Gear menu. The largest addition that Update #13 brings along with it is that of a brand new crate. The Aviator Crate adds 15 new cosmetic items to the game including Lazy Sunday Sweatpants, Fringed Hotpants, an Aviator Cap and more.

As well as the new cosmetic items, there are a number of bug fixes set to come to PUBG. These include the following:

  • Fixed an issue where certain buildings in Miramar were shown with default textures
  • Fixed some walls in Miramar that could be partially passed through
  • Removed the white mark that appeared alongside the aircraft icon on the minimap
  • Scope reticle settings should no longer reset when weapons are dropped and picked up again
  • Improved the holographic sight’s reticle. It’s now the same size as a character silhouette seen from 100m away
  • Certain animations on the buggy and minibus have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused characters to sit at odd angles if entering into vehicles from a prone position on a sloped surface
  • Fixed an issue causing red dot and holo sight reticles to get smaller and blurry when swapping weapons
  • “Damage-received” sounds should no longer play after winning a game

Once the new update hits, players will no longer be able to equip the Target Practice Pan. Be sure to head over to the full post for drop rates for the new Aviator Crate, as well as a full breakdown of the new items.

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