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PUBG Mobile: Does it Have Bots?


PUBG Mobile: Does it Have Bots?

Does PUBG Mobile Have Bots?

PUBG Mobile takes the PC version of the ever-popular battle royale shooter and squeezes it down onto mobile devices. Surprisingly, the game is largely the same as its PC counterpart, with a few extra features to make it easier to control and run. There’s a new Arcade Mode which offers a shorter, more action-packed game, as well as new cosmetic items and loot crates. There’s also auto-looting, motion aiming and other features which alter the experience somewhat. New players have also been noticing that they are a lot better at PUBG Mobile than they usually are, well there’s a very good reason for that, and I’m sorry to say it’s not down to player skill.

You see, PUBG Mobile incorporates bots into its matches to up the pace and action of the game. When starting out, each match is predominantly made up of bots, which is why you might notice how bad other players are at shooting, moving around and generally just playing the game. The good news is, as you level up, you’ll start to encounter fewer bots. We found that it was at around level 10 that it really started to become noticeable, with a marked increase in difficulty.

Until you reach the higher levels though, be sure to take advantage of your slow-witted robot foes, practice shooting, sneaking and spotting. making the most of the game’s early low-risk environments is key to doing better later on, so use this time wisely. If you’re wondering how to spot them, here’s some tips. You can usually spot a bot by the way they repeat movements and actively seem to seek you out. They’ll strafe back and forth methodically,usually freeze in place when spotted, and can almost always be found swimming aimlessly in the water.

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