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Platinum Games Expecting To “Turn the Action Genre On its Head” With Upcoming Game

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Platinum Games Expecting To “Turn the Action Genre On its Head” With Upcoming Game

During a recent conference by Platinum Games at this year’s BitSummit convention – an independent gaming convention held yearly in Kyoto, Japan – Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba discussed their expectations for a “top-secret” action game they have planned.

Kamiya and Inaba have long been two of the most major decision makers at Platinum Games, having both been among its founding members, and during their conference at BitSummit Vol. 6 they had quite a lot to discuss about the company and fielded many questions. The two discussed what their favorite genre of games are to play, the sales of The Wonderful 101 and the possibility of it coming to Switch, the company’s general design philosophy and intentions in making the games they do, and notably they alluded to a new project being worked on at Platinum that could “turn the action genre on its head.”

Supposedly this unannounced title will be a new type of project for Platinum, and its details are a secret even to many people working at the company right now. Given their claims of turning the genre on its head, this could be Inaba holding to a statement that he made earlier in the conference that Platinum’s desire is not so much to constantly make combo-centric actions games at they are known for, but mainly just to create the kind of games that they enjoy, and think will be fun to play. Inaba also stated that Platinum has a fairly organic, somewhat lax-sounding approach to making creative decisions for their actions games, and they don’t so much as sit down for conferences on what feels right as much as they feel it out as they go, and decide what works that way.

Platinum’s staff has grown significantly over time, and what started as a studio of around 50 people back in 2006 has expanded to 193 employees as of this year. The studio is currently at work developing Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch, which Kamiya is involved in, and presumably another team is working on this unannounced “top-secret” project.

This post was originally written by Greyson Ditzler.

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