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Pick up The Banner Saga on Nintendo Switch This Month

Banner Saga

Pick up The Banner Saga on Nintendo Switch This Month

The Nintendo Switch version of Versus Evil and Stoic Studio’s adventure game The Banner Saga is coming to the console this month, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for a chance at trying it out, you don’t have much longer to wait. The Switch release is the first in a trilogy that’s been confirmed to all be coming to Switch in the coming months, so this is your first taste. Rest assured that it’ll be a good one, too.

The Banner Saga has you taking control of over 25 playable characters on your journey throughout the game as you take on enemies that threaten your very way of life. Play through decision-based narrative gameplay that all has a specific effect on how your story will play out. The gorgeously designed artwork brings every aspect of the game to life as you play through the richly deailed world, with 7 different classes and 2 races to choose from.

If the story really inspires you, you can play the other two games when they arrive on the system as well, but there’s currently no projected date for them at this time.

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