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Pac-Man Stories Brings Interactive Adventures to Amazon’s Alexa


Pac-Man Stories Brings Interactive Adventures to Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon and Bandai Namco are teaming up to bring Pac-Man to the Alexa smart speaker. How is that going to work, you’re wondering? Easy, turn it into something akin to a choose your own adventure audiobook.

The family-aimed adventures combine story, education and fun to create adventures that are each unique. These adventures task players with using their voice to make moral decisions, solve simple puzzles, and interact with a myriad of characters. The iconic ghost favorites Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde will be showing up, but the stories look to feature other characters kids these days will recognize, including some real-world characters.

The first adventure for Pac-Man Stories is called Pac-Man and the Ghastly Garbage and tasks players with saving the Pac-Man planet from the threat of garbage. All Alexa-enabled devices will be able to play the free adventure, but it’s only available in English. Bandai Namco promises more stories will be released throughout the summer.

This isn’t the first video game themed Alexa Skill to come along. Earlier this year The Pokemon Company added Pikachu Talk so people can have their Alexa talk as if it’s Pikachu, or as Pikachu would explain, “Pika-pi!” Last month Activision added the Call of Duty skill to Alexa for players to track their WWII stats with. All of these Skills can be added to your Alexa devices by going to the Skills page on Amazon, searching “Pac-Man Stories,” “Pikachu Talk,” or “Call of Duty” and clicking “Enable.”

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