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Overwatch: How to Get Legendary Anniversary Loot Boxes


Overwatch: How to Get Legendary Anniversary Loot Boxes

How to Get Legendary Anniversary Loot Boxes in Overwatch

This week marks two years since the launch of Overwatch, so it is time for the annual anniversary event. The event brings with it new cosmetic items, game modes, and loot boxes, the latter of which you want to open to get those sweet new skins. Legendary Anniversary Loot Boxes guarantee a random Legendary item, so you’ll want to know how to get your hands on them.

The first way to do so is to simply log into Overwatch at any point during the anniversary event. The first time you do so, a Legendary Loot Box will be waiting for you. It’s the only one you’ll be given for the duration of the event. If you want another, however, you will need to buy the bundle of fifty Overwatch loot boxes, which retails for $39.99. Doing so will grant you with an additional Legendary Anniversary Loot Box. This is the only way to get extra Legendary Anniversary Loot boxes after the initial free one.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Legendary Anniversary Loot Boxes in Overwatch. For more on the game, be sure to check out our extensive wiki guide.

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