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Nintendo Teases ‘Shocking’ Splatoon 2 News for Next Month

Splatoon 2

Nintendo Teases ‘Shocking’ Splatoon 2 News for Next Month

There’s some big Splatoon 2 news coming, so make sure you clear your schedule for one specific day in June. According to the latest issue of Japanese publication Weekly Jump, there’s an announcement that will “shock the world” coming on June 9.

That’s about all the magazine had to announce, but if we look at the upcoming dates and events coming down the pipeline, we’ll notice that June 9 is the Saturday prior to E3 2018.

We’re not sure what this news might entail, because we already got word of the upcoming Octo Expansion that’s releasing July 31. The Octo Expansion will come with a new single-player campaign comprised of 80 levels, including the above ground character Agent 8. When completing the expansion, players will unlock the option to play as a male or female Octoling in-game.

But this announcement should be unrelated most likely — what could Nintendo be teasing? We’ll be there to bring you the latest, whatever ends up happening. Knowing Nintendo, it could be something totally off the wall, so we’ll make sure we keep an eye out for the next fresh Splatoon developments and bring them to you as they happen.

Share your predictions for this “shocking” Splatoon 2 announcement with us!

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