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This Nintendo Labo-Powered Wheelchair Is the Coolest Creation So Far

Nintendo Labo Wheelchair

This Nintendo Labo-Powered Wheelchair Is the Coolest Creation So Far

We’ve only had Nintendo Labo for about a week, but there have been some truly stupendous creations to come out of its Toy-Con Garage system. People have made some astoundingly clever devices, from “chicken nugget” robots to Game & Watch titles and everything in between. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing this kind of creativity flow from those who picked up Labo, but there is a particularly special creation that’ll warm your heart.

One enterprising Japanese Labo fan took the kit and hooked it up to a wheelchair, letting the 13-year-old who requires it control it similarly to how the Labo’s motorbike project plays.

“For a 13-year-old wheelchair user due to heart disease, we made a wheelchair that everyone can operate with the bike kit of Nintendo Labo,” the first tweet reads, or at least a rough approximation from Google Translate. If that caption isn’t enough to bring a few tears to your eyes, then you probably don’t have a soul.

This certainly makes a case for all the unique projects that Labo is capable of, including all the various ways those with special needs could potentially utilize it. It really is such a cool tool that lets you do an amalgam of different things, and seeing it put to use like this is really something.

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