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New Sonic the Hedgehog Announcement Teased via Official Twitter

Sonic Mania

New Sonic the Hedgehog Announcement Teased via Official Twitter

An announcement regarding the next Sonic the Hedgehog game may have been teased by the series’ official Twitter account.

In a post made May 25, the series takes a jab at the General Data Protection Regulation European privacy law that recently went into effect. A device Sonic is holding is revealed to read “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy. As part of our ongoing efforts to prepare for our new game announcement, as well as release Sonic Mania Adventures Part 3 this month…”

While no firm announcement has yet been made from Sega, the timing would fit for a new entry in the series to be released. In addition to E3 2018 being right around the corner, Sonic Mania saw its release last August and has had fans eager for another 2D entry into the franchise. The series has also received positive attention thanks to the recently released Sonic Mania Adventures, an animated series with no dialogue which has been well received by fans.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. For more on the Sonic franchise, check out our piece on the everlasting hope for a new Chaos Garden offshoot game as well as our coverage of the recent addition of Bigs the Cat to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

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