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Top 15 Most Popular Switch Games You Can Play Right Now


Top 15 Most Popular Switch Games You Can Play Right Now

All the cool kids play on Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey

Top 15 Most Popular Switch Games

Super Mario Odyssey Balloon World

Though it may have been pipped to the post for game of the year honors by its open world contemporary (which we will be getting to in due time), Super Mario Odyssey is in fact the best-selling title on the Switch, eclipsing 10 million units sold. It is with good reason, because in no uncertain terms, Mario Odyssey is everything we love about Nintendo, bundled up and simply oozing with magic.

The addition of Cappy and the capture mechanic may sound like a gimmicky alteration to a proven formula, but it truly adds to the gameplay, adding another element of puzzle solving and exploration. Even the seemingly mundane transformations, such as turning into a sentient zipper, are enjoyable to perform, unveiling new areas and secrets. There’s a reason why more than half of the people who own a Switch also own Mario Odyssey (unless one person inexplicably bought thousands of copies for themselves) – it will be the console’s flag bearer for years to come.

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