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Monster Prom: How to Get Polly’s Secret Ending


Monster Prom: How to Get Polly’s Secret Ending

How to Get Polly’s Secret Ending (Reverse Romanian Wilkinson) in Monster Prom

Polly is the party-loving ghost who is always either doing something outrageously sexual, or consuming mass quantities of drugs, and sometimes both at the one time. In her secret ending, the ‘Reverse Romanian Wilkinson’, she reveals one of her biggest regrets from before she died. If you can manage to collect the necessary resources to make her wish come true, the two of you will enjoy a night together at the Monster Prom you’ll never forget.

In order to ensure this, select the long game option to give yourself enough days to follow the storyline through. From there, arouse Polly’s interest by selecting whichever option seems the most fun, or puts her at an advantage over her peers (she does a lot of backstabbing, apparently). It isn’t crucial to select the fun option in the final question of the trivia quiz, but it definitely helps. You’ll also want to boost your charm stat, and make sure to visit the library frequently to ensure you have enough cash (at least $10) when you need it.

If you slip up and end up conversing with one of the other monsters instead, simply sit with Polly at the cafeteria for every lunchtime, and before long, she will mention that her greatest regret in life was that she never engaged in the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. When she brings it up, you must claim that you know what she is talking about, otherwise the storyline won’t proceed further. If this event doesn’t trigger within the first few days, you have probably missed your chance and will have to restart.

Soon after, you will be searching for answers on your phone as to what the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson actually is, an act that will capture the attention of the coven. Ask them to tell you what it is, and they will reveal that the necessary contents include a penguin mask, a bag of marbles, and a kilo of guacamole. They will give you the marbles in exchange for your silence, leaving just two items left to collect.

Next, you will have to visit Valerie (the cat girl) at her shop to buy the penguin mask. By this time, you will hopefully have reached the $10 threshold required to afford it, or at least be very close. Upon buying the mask, your smarts stat will plummet drastically, making any subsequent choice based on intelligence a surefire failure.

If you have timed everything correctly, by the final night you will have arranged a meeting with a mysterious online figure selling guacamole, who turns out to be Liam. Threaten to blackmail him for his shady underground dealings, and he will relinquish the guac for free.

When the big day finally arrives, ask Polly to the Monster Prom. With the necessary items in tow, she will invite you to experience the pleasures of the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson with her.

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