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Monster Prom: How to Get Damien’s Secret Ending


Monster Prom: How to Get Damien’s Secret Ending


How to Get Damien’s Secret Ending (Hairdresser) in Monster Prom

Though he is best known for his talents in arson and punching, Damien LaVey is actually a multilayered young demon with aspirations in life that he hides under his violent exterior. By unlocking Damien’s secret ‘hairdresser’ ending in Monster Prom, you will help him to realize his dream at last.

In order to ensure you have enough time to boost your stats to the necessary threshold, opt for the long gameplay option. In the trivia quiz, answer with as many bold answers as you can, including Damien’s particular response to the final question in order to commence his route.

Your first goal in Monster Prom will be to strengthen your boldness stat, but do not neglect your other stats (especially creativity and fun), otherwise, the event will not trigger. In order to hit the necessary numbers for Damien’s secret ending, it is advisable to actually sit with the minor characters during lunch instead of Damien, as they will yield sizeable stat boosts.

When you have gotten the stats around the 10 point mark in Monster Prom, visit the library. Should the event start up, you will find yourself talking to Liam, initially. Your conversation will be interrupted when you discover Damien attempting to give a corpse a makeover. He will reveal his passion for hairdressing, but lament his apparent lack of talent.

When you suggest that seeing a loved one in a near-death experience could ignite his creativity, Liam shoots you in the leg, prompting Damien to give you an exquisite new look. From this point, keep stat boosting and building your relationship with Damien until you reach the final evening, when he confesses that he is unsure how to admit his secret to his demon fathers.

Tell him to play to his strengths, and act through violence and blood. He will engage a beast in mortal combat in front of his people, styling its hair before delivering the killing blow. With that, you have allowed him to embrace his inner beauty, and pursue his dream following the Monster Prom. Damien’s secret ending has been successfully unlocked!

That’s all you need to know to get Damien’s secret ending in Monster Prom. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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