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Marvel Strike Force: How to Play Night Nurse


Marvel Strike Force: How to Play Night Nurse

How to Play Night Nurse in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is home to many heroes coming from the classic comics. One particular character, the Night Nurse, is a skilled healer who provides her team with solid support by debuffing enemies and restoring health. She has amazing solo and group heals and can even keep her team topped up with a nifty Regen buff. You can unlock the medic at 2 stars, which costs 45 shards.

One of the best things about Night Nurse is that you can actually farm her from two Marvel Strike Force campaign nodes: Heroes 5-9 and Villains 3-9. She works exceptionally well during raids and higher-level story missions, with her being the best healer in the game. Her First Aid ability heals the ally with the lowest health, while Urgent Care heals everyone with a chance for Regeneration (and even Deathproof at higher levels). Her standard attacks are decent, and her Self Defense has a chance to slow down any targeted enemy.

While she works wonders in PvE mode, she’ll have a harder time healing allies in PvP modes. Her Urgent Care takes a bit too long to charge, which makes her somewhat of a priority target when fighting other players. That said, you’ll want to keep a good tank by her side during these fights. Characters such as Luke Cage and Hulk have Taunt abilities that not only draw aggro away from their team, but also comes with a slight Regen buff. Couple this with Night Nurse’s healing abilities, and you’ll have yourself a resilient tank that can also focus on dealing damage. On top of that, she can also sustain AoE-heavy teams who can focus on clearing waves of enemies.

With her unparalleled healing skills, you’ll definitely want to have Night Nurse on your team. For more tips and tricks on Marvel Strike Force, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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