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Kojima Has Started the Death Stranding Teasing Ahead of E3 2018

death stranding

Kojima Has Started the Death Stranding Teasing Ahead of E3 2018

E3 2018 is almost upon us, and various game developers have started taking to Twitter to give us hints about what to expect from them at the event. Developer Hideo Kojima is one of them, as he’s just posted a new screenshot to tease his upcoming action game, Death Stranding. You can check out his tweet down below.

A new screenshot accompanies the tweet, and all we see are some beautiful moss and grassy lands. It certainly looks gorgeous, and it’s definitely a welcome change from all the greyscale post-apocalyptic wasteland scenery we’ve seen from the game’s previous trailers and promotional artwork thus far. There’s no doubt that Death Stranding will be one of the major titles we get to see at Sony’s press conference this year, and hopefully we’ll finally get to see some actual gameplay as well.

Death Stranding was announced a couple of years ago at E3, and it’s set to be released exclusively for the PS4.


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