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Hyrule Warriors Switch: All Hard Mode Skulltulas Locations


Hyrule Warriors Switch: All Hard Mode Skulltulas Locations

All Hard Mode Skulltulas Locations in Hyrule Warriors Switch

Even though Hyrule Warriors uses the gameplay stylings of Dynasty Warriors, there’s still plenty of little touches to be found from The Legend of Zelda series. This includes finding Gold Skulltulas, which reward you with a picture piece, that can lead to even more rewards when you complete the picture. There’s a whole round of Skulltulas you can get by playing through Legend Mode on Normal, however, you can also get a Skulltula from each scenario by playing Legend Mode on Hard.

The Hard Mode Skulltulas require a bit more work to get to appear, so we’ll help give you descriptions of each one. For each of the Skulltulas locations, we’ll list the mission, required character, requirements to get it to appear, and finally where it actually appears.

Regular Legend Mode Skulltulas in Hyrule Warriors Switch

  • 1 – Armies of Ruin – Requires Link (Hylian Sword) – Use the magic circle at the Fairy Fountain while holding back enemy forces. The Skulltula will appear in the Castle Keep’s eastern gate, crawling near some barrels.
  • 2 – The Shiekah Tribesman – Requires Impa (Giant Blade) – Destroy all the stone spires while keeping all Bombchu’s at 50 percent health or above. Once the Skulltula appears head past the Crystal Cave’s northern gate and find a ledge to Hookshot up to. The Skulltula is there.
  • 3 – Sorceress of the Woods – Requires Link (Magic Rod) – Defeat all keep saboteurs and capture all keeps before the Deku Tree is put in danger. You’ll want to defeat Gohma fast as it can easily put your keep in danger. Once it appears, the Skulltula is to the west of the fairy fountain.
  • 4 – Sorceress of the Valley – Requires Link (Hylian Sword) – You need to find Manhandla’s main body before the Allied Base is in danger. First off, you need to make sure to defeat all Assault Troops before they reach your base. Once you beat Mandhala the first time and it flees, send your different party members to different stalks to find the real one. The Skulltula will appear in the Ruins.
  • 5A – Land of Myth – Requires Shiek – Defeat Darunia two or more times, and control seven keeps when the enemy base opens. A good way to make sure of this is when Impa suggests launching an attack from W Boulder Keep, run and make sure to capture seven keeps. Once you capture W Boulder Keep, the enemy base will open. The Skulltula is found where the giant urn was in the Chief’s Room.
  • 5B – Land of Twilight – Requires Lana (Book of Sorcery – Defeat Midna before Cia leaves the battlefield, then capture all keeps. Easy enough, just rush Midna once she starts moving. Capture Bridge Keep and the Skulltula will appear on the gate to the north of it.
  • 5C – Land in the Sky – Requires Link (Hylian Sword) – Use the magic circle while keeping Fi at 50 percent health or more. Pretty self-explanatory, just keep Fi protected until the circle appears. The Skulltula is north of the Academy Keep, near a pumpkin.
  • 6A – The Water Temple – Requires Impa (Giant Blade) – Defeat King Dodongo while keeping allied commanders and Ruto at 50 percent or more health. Make sure to rescue Ruto as quickly as possible, and utilize your different characters.
  • 6B – The Shadow King – Requires Midna – Defeat three Keep Saboteurs while keeping allies at 50 percent health or above. Using the Shine Fairy barrier can be a great help for this one. The Skulltula won’t appear until after Argorok is defeated, but can be found in the south gate of the enemy base.
  • 6C -Sealed Ambition – Requires Link (Magic Rod) – Defeat all Turncoat Soldiers and the Imprisoned in 10 minutes or less. Needless to say, you’ll want Link to be a high level for this. Just rush all the turncoat soldiers and you should be able to mop up the rest. The Skulltula will be on the wall of the East Temple Keep when it appears.
  • 7 – Sacred Sword – Requires Fi – Defeat 2000 enemies and repel Wizzro without any of the three warriors that wake the statues being in danger. The Shine Fairy barrier can again be hugely helpful, just try and complete these as fast as possible. The Gold Skulltula appears on the wall just before the Master Sword room.
  • 8 – A War of Spirit – Requires Zelda (Rapier) – Make sure Impa, Lana, Midna, and Fi retreat from the battlefield after Dark Link vanishes. Just make sure not to defeat Ganondorf before all allies flee. The Skulltula appears in the East Sanctum Keep.
  • 9 – Shining Beacon – Requires Lana (Spear) – Defeat Volga twice or more and open the Enemy Base while keeping all allies alive. The Shine Fairy barrier is essential here, and make sure to not use the magic circle before defeating Volga for the first time. The Skulltula appears north of the West Sanctum.
  • 10 – Ganondorf’s Return – Requires Ganondorf – Bring all imprisoned monsters under your control and defeat two giant bosses before they join up. As soon as King Dodongo appears, take him down so he doesn’t join up with the other boss. The Skulltula appears in the southern prison, behind some vines.
  • 11 – March of the Demon King – Requires Ganondorf – Defeat all Impas. Self-explanatory, just defeat every Impa that appears. The Skulltula appears just north of the East Room.
  • 12 – Battle of the Triforce – Requires Ganondorf – Defeat Impa before she enters the fairy fountain and beat Zelda and Link a combined total of four times. Note that kills only count once both Link and Zelda are on the field, not the first time you beat Link. The Skulltula appears in the Mountain Keep.
  • 13 – Enduring Resolve – Requires Zelda (Rapier) – Defeat all Keep Saboteurs, Rally Captains and Advanced Summoners while keeping all playable warriors at 30% or more health. You get a little wiggle room with health, just beat each enemy as quickly as possible as they appear. The Skulltula appears in the northern prison.
  • 14 – Liberation of the Triforce – Requires Darunia – Defeat Ganondorf while keeping all allies at 30 percent health or more. Make sure Darunia is leveled up quite a bit so you can take down enemies quickly.

Linkle’s Chapters Skulltulas in Hyrule Warriors Switch

  • The Girl in the Green Tunic – Requires Linkle – Make sure 3 Cucco Chicks grow into Gold Cuccos. Just activate all the owl statues and you should be good. It appears to the west of North Square Keep.
  • Powers Collide – Requires Linkle – Make sure the Enemy Base opens before the Allied Base or Darunia is in danger. Rush the enemies in the pathways that the engineers use to open the doors immediately, use your strongest character besides Linkle, and go as fast as possible. It appears northwest from the Temple Face Keep behind a wall of vines.
  • The Demon Lord’s Plan – Requires Linkle – Defeat all Ceremonial Troops, Controller Troops, and the Imprisoned. Make sure to check the map for any remaining enemies you might have missed. The Skulltula appears n of the Temple Entrance Keep.
  • Her True Self – Requires Linkle – Make sure the Enemy Base opens before Zelda is in danger. Just move to save Zelda as quickly as possible, and beat each mission as it pops up. It appears just outside the south entrance to the West Square Keep.
  • The Other Hero – Requires Linkle – Rescue all Hylian Captains. Self-explanatory, just check the map to track each captain. Use the Hookshot at the dead end north of the East Field Keep.

Cia’s Chapters Skulltulas in Hyrule Warriors Switch

  • The Dragon of the Caves – Requires Cia – Destroy all Bombchus before they explode, and defeat two King Dodongos. Take out the Bombchus in the north first, and then take down the one in the south. When it appears, go directly west from the Allied Base until you hit a cliff.
  • The Invasion Begins – Requires Wizzro – Defeat Impa twice without ever letting the Allied Base fall into danger. Just keep one of your characters at the allied base, and it should take care of it. It appears south of the Fairy Fountain.
  • The Usurper King – Requires Wizzro – Defeat Argorok and Agitha with Volga alive. Again, command one of your characters to protect Volga. The Skulltula appears northwest of the West Palace keep, on the corner of the circular area.
  • The Demon Lord – Requires Volga – Capture and hold all keeps, except for the Enemy Base, within 10 minutes. Spread out your characters to different points of the map, and make use of the owl statues if you need to. It appears on the north wall of the West Town Keep.
  • Darkness Falls – Requires Cia – Defeat Wizzro and make sure all Dark Links don’t fall below 60 percent health. Keep an eye on Wizzro’s location with the map. As soon as he defects, take him down. The Skulltula appears north of the East Temple Keep.

Wind Waker Chapters Skulltulas in Hyrule Warriors Switch

  • A New Disturbance – Requires Link (Magic Rod) – Destroy all stone heads and defeat Gohma before the allied base is put in danger. The Skulltula appears in the northeast of the Enemy Base behind a wall of vines.
  • The Search for Cia – Requires Lana (Spear) – Close all Gates of Souls in 10 minutes or less. It appears just outside the Allied Base, on the northeast corner.
  • Reclaiming the Darkness – Requires Link (Hylian Sword) – Capture all keeps in 10 minutes or less. The Skulltula appears in the southwest corner of the second circular area south of the Allied Base.
  • Watchers of the Triforce – Requires Tetra – Reduce Phantom Ganon to 50 percent health in 15 minutes or less. It appears in the tunnel west of the Rock Keep behind vines.

For more tips and help on Hyrule Warriors Switch, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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