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Hearthstone: How to Beat Captain Shivers


Hearthstone: How to Beat Captain Shivers

How to Beat Captain Shivers in Hearthstone

Captain Shivers is one of the last bosses you run afoul of en route to a final throwdown against Hagatha the Witch in Monster Hunt. He wields a Kingsbane, and his deck is built around utilizing this weapon to its fullest. If he is able to draw well and boost its power over time, he is capable of obliterating all in his path. The key to victory is being able to counter this strategy before he is able to place, or by lucking out with poor draws or else beating him to the punch.

His Hero Power, Plunder, allows him to draw a weapon from his deck (in this case, the Kingsbane), and Leeching Poison gives him a healing option to stay in the game for longer. Considering all of these factors, this may make an all-out offensive sound desirable, but this can prove foolhardy if misjudged. His high health makes him a sturdy figure, and if you fail to prepare for the long game, he will punish you thoroughly for it.

The most effective technique is to abuse the presence of Fel Reavers in his deck: their triggered effect (whenever your opponent plays a card, remove the top 3 cards of your deck) can be catastrophic when exposed. Once he plays one, reel off a myriad of low cost spells generated by your hero power to thin out his deck. If done correctly, you can dispose of the Kingsbane entirely, making Shivers ripe for the picking. Similarly, the effects of Lorewalker Cho (whenever a player casts a spell, put a copy into the other player’s hand) and Trade Prince Gallywix (whenever your opponent casts a spell, gain a copy of it and give them a Coin) can be used to your advantage, filling his hand with spells and forcing him to burn the Kingsbane when his Hero Power activates.

Alternatively, you can fight fire with fire, implementing a Kingsbane deck of your own and using Tess’ hero power (discover a class spell that has been played this game) to your advantage.

The Potion of Vitality will be a useful treasure to implement, doubling your Health and preventing Shivers from taking you out before you can put your plan into action. The Scepter of Summoning can allow you to expedite the rate that you summon beefier minions, allowing you to get the jump on Shivers.

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