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Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Mine in the Mines


Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Mine in the Mines

How to Mine in Harvest Moon Light of Hope

Harvest Moon Light of Hope of course features all the staples that fans of the series know and love. Once such staple has always been the mines! In the mines, you can (of course) mine for minerals and metals that you otherwise wouldn’t get within the game. Here’s how to do that!

First and foremost, you need to fix the mine because that’s the mechanic in this Harvest Moon. Once you’ve advanced in the story long enough, you’ll have a chance to head north to the Mountain Pass. Continue a bit north (a bit northeast as well) and you’ll see an old man next to a busted up mineshaft. Fix it (it only costs a couple of Softwood Lumber) and talk to the old man to get yourself a hammer. You’ll then have access to the mines.

When you head in, you’re able to smash any veins with the hammer, but to move on to the next floor, you’ll need to hoe the ground. Just press X on any square of the floor to guess where the ladder might be. Once you find it (which is random) you’ll be able to move to the next floor. To head back to the entrance of the mine, you simply need to go back to the ladder and go up it.

That’s all there is to mining in the mines! If you need any other Harvest Moon Light of Hope help, let us know in the comments down below and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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