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Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get a Hammer (Breaks Rocks)


Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get a Hammer (Breaks Rocks)

How to Get a Hammer in Harvest Moon Light of Hope

Harvest Moon Light of Hope is players’ chance to return to the wonderful gameplay that comes along with the long-running series. As such, seasoned veterans know that the only way to get stone is to break the rocks around town, and the only way to do that is with a hammer. Here’s how to get yourself one!

The gimmick in this one is that you’re able to repair the town little by little. It’s been ravaged by a storm before you arrived, and you’re the only one with the gall to fix it all. Once you’ve advanced in the story a bit, you’ll open up the Mountain Pass. This can be accessed by heading north of your house. Go through the path and you’ll reach the area you need to be at.

Keep going north a bit (a little northeast) and you’ll see an old man standing beside a mine shaft. You need to fix this mineshaft (only costs Softwood Lumber) and you can then talk to him. He’ll give you a hammer for you to get some stones and iron! Hoorah!

The hammer as it is right now can only break the small rocks. Anything larger than that and you’ll still need to upgrade it to break them.

That’s all there is to getting a hammer! If you need more help with Harvest Moon Light of Hope, let us know in the comments down below and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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