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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: How to Get Gems and Coins Fast


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: How to Get Gems and Coins Fast

How to Get Gems and Coins Fast in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has a slew of different items, such as outfits, that you can use in the game. And like most peripherals, you’ll have to shell out money for it. In this game, you’ll need to collect Coins and Gems to buy new costumes, Energy, and even some other items for your character. All that said, some fans might be wondering how they can collect Coins and Gems in the game.

The easiest way to get either currency is by completing different activities, such as attending classes. Throughout your time at Hogwarts, you’ll take on all sorts of assignments that will reward you with House Points, Gems, and Coins. Keep your eye on the different activities throughout the campus and make sure to partake in as many as possible.

On the other hand, you can also choose to purchase Gems with real money instead. Here’s the full price list:

  • Handful of Gems: $1.49
  • Measure of Gems: $7.49
  • Sack of Gems: $14.99
  • Trunk of Gems: $29.99
  • Trainload of Gems: $74.99
  • Vault of Gems: $149.99
  • Purse of Coins: $1.49
  • Pouch of Coins: $7.49
  • Hut of Coins: $29.99
  • Case of Coins: $14.99

It’s worth noting that only Gems can be purchased with real money. Moreover, you can only use Gems as in-game currency to replenish your energy. For more tips and tricks on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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