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H1Z1 PS4: Can You Use Keyboard and Mouse?


H1Z1 PS4: Can You Use Keyboard and Mouse?

Can You Use Keyboard and Mouse For H1Z1 on PS4?

Though it was originally built for PC, H1Z1 has since made its debut on the home console market, starting with the PS4. Obviously, controllers don’t suit everyone in a genre as frantic and precision-based as a battle royale, so those who prefer to go into battle with a keyboard and mouse may be curious as to whether these can be used in the PS4 version.

It has been confirmed on the official H1Z1 Twitter account, however, that this will not be an option, stating that they will be used ‘only to type – mouse and keyboard are NOT supported during gameplay.’

In an interview with MMORPG, H1z1 lead systems and combat designer Tony Morton stressed the focus on establishing the PS4 edition as a separate entity, stating that “the heritage of PC and where we’re at — we’re excited for the PS4 because it kind of gives us a chance of a fresh slate of like, “Let’s just try some new stuff.””

Further, alterations have been made to the PS4 version’s aiming scheme to better suit the DualShock controller, with Morton saying “Last I checked, the console version for H1Z1 uses more of the friction-based. It’s not the snap-toggle aim. That’s to allow a little bit more dexterity in terms of, “Do I want to aim for the body shot? Do I want to aim for the headshot?”

It is clear that the console version of H1Z1 is being treated as its own beast; “built for PS4”, as the website puts it. To integrate keyboard and mouse functionality would likely be going against this mindset, and this would seem unlikely to ever change down the track.

That’s all you need to know about whether you can use a keyboard and mouse in H1Z1 on PS4. For more information about the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite

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