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7 Good Xbox One Games From 2018 So Far


7 Good Xbox One Games From 2018 So Far

Sea of Thieves

Good Xbox One Games From 2018 so Far

Sea of Thieves, xbox one, microsoft, 2018

There are certain things that just seem like they were meant for co-op gameplay, and roleplaying as pirates on a shared online sea is certainly up there. Go and complete one of the different quests, or just be a complete nuisance to other players as they go about their grind. Sea of Thieves truly is at its best when you make your own fun in it, and that’s only amplified even further when playing with some friends.

Though its rather limited number of quest types can make the game feel a bit of a drag, Sea of Thieves is still an Xbox One exclusive well worth checking out if you’ve got a good group of friends you can play with.

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