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God of War Smashes into the Top 10 Most Viewed Games on Twitch For April

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God of War Smashes into the Top 10 Most Viewed Games on Twitch For April

Despite launching three weeks into the month, God of War has peaked at number eight in the most viewed games on Twitch for April according to statistic site Newzoo.

Racking up 19.9 million total views, God of War peaked just behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and well ahead of World of Warcraft. It’s an impressive feat considering the game only had 10 days of the month to bolster its count. Interest in the game still remains strong, too, according to twitchmetrics, which tracks the game at number 10 spot for May’s average viewer numbers so far (16, 725).

Sony Santa Monica’s latest title made quite the splash when it earned universal critical acclaim in April, rising to a 95 Metacritic average, and in doing so, became the best-reviewed PS4 exclusive of the generation. God of War then went on to eclipse all previous records for the fastest the selling Sony exclusive, steamrolling its competition with an astonishing 3.1 million units sold in just three days.

The full top 10 most viewed games (total hours watched) on twitch for April was as follows:

  1. Fortnite – 126.1 million
  2. League of Legends 73.8 million
  4. Hearthstone 42.8 million
  5. Dota 2 40.0M 21.3 million
  6. Overwatch 31.5 million
  7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 22.7 million
  8. God of War 19.9 million
  9. World of Warcraft 12.2 million
  10. Grand Theft Auto V 9.7 million

God of War launched exclusively for PS4 on April 20. You can read our review of the game here.

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