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God of War: Kneel Before Thor Treasure Map Location


God of War: Kneel Before Thor Treasure Map Location

Kneel Before Thor Treasure Map Location in God of War

God of War is filled with all sorts of puzzles just waiting to be solved. Going out of your way to tackle side quests or follow maps might reward you with some pretty swell stuff, so they’re definitely worth looking into. One specific side quest involves a treasure map, some buried treasure, and the god of thunder. If you’re having some trouble, here’s the Kneel Before Thor treasure map location in the game.

During the Deux Ex Malachite favor, you’ll be visiting the Landsuther Mines. Once you’re inside of the first floor, head to the large room and you’ll see a coffin behind an unlockable wooden gate. Look for a hole you can climb through to reach the lower levels. If you’ve managed to make it to the basement area, keep an eye out for a lift or elevator which will take you back to the first floor. You’ll end up in the same room as the coffin behind the unlockable gate. The Kneel Before Thor treasure map should be waiting for you beside the casket.

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