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Gear up for Destiny 2’s New Warmind Expansion With the Launch Trailer


Gear up for Destiny 2’s New Warmind Expansion With the Launch Trailer

Destiny 2’s new Warmind expansion is arriving tomorrow, which means it’s time to go back into the sprawling world once more, Guardians. As usual, there’s a new launch trailer rife with spectacles that make us even more hyped to go back in. While it doesn’t necessarily go over anything we haven’t really seen before, it does give us a look at the new Worldline Zero sword, the first Exotic sword the game has seen thus far. There’s also the new Spire of Stars raid lair, which players are understandably eager to get a taste of.

Guardian Ana Bray is on hand to take us on a ride through the past as we take a look at the melting glaciers of Mars, as the Warmind Rasputin whires to life. The plot is a little complicated if you don’t know anything about Destiny 2, but that doesn’t make the trailer any less cool to follow. It also means that you’ll get to see what is essentially the beginning of Destiny 2’s long-awaited season 3, which will bring Exotic alterations, the Prismatic Matrix, and a host of other stuff to look forward to, especially if you haven’t yet taken the Destiny 2 plunge.

Ready to get started as soon as humanly possible? You’ll still have to wait until tomorrow, but the new Warmind expansion is going live tomorrow at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET on May 8, so make sure you clear your schedule and get ready for some more awesome Guardian journeys. You’ll probably want to cancel those appointments you had set up, too. For now, enjoy the trailer below.

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