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What’s New in Fortnite Season 4? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Fortnite Season 4? Everything You Need to Know

Map Changes

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Easily the most notable changes that have been introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 4 are those that have been made to the map. While the comet that lurked above the map didn’t actually hit Tilted Towers, it did hit somewhere.

Dusty Depot has met its fate and has largely been replaced by the new Dusty Divot. This is the main crash site of the large comet that could be seen in the sky, and the crash site certainly has a sci-fi feel, with white, futuristic-looking buildings surrounding the comet itself.

Elsewhere, the aftermath of the meteor strike can be seen across the map. The prison next to Moisty Mire in the southeast corner of the map has largely been obliterated, leaving the corner towers and parts of structures still standing. These craters can be seen across the map. Tilted Towers has also been hit, but still largely remains intact, and you’ll see smaller crash sites dotted everywhere from Loot Lake to Haunted Hills.

There’s also a secret nuke bunker of sorts on a mountain to the east of Snobby Shores well worth checking out. The next big event, possibly?

Finally, there’s another newly named location in the form of Risky Reels in the very northeast corner of the map. It’s actually a fairly small named location compared to the likes of Flush Factory or Tilted Towers in Fortnite Battle Royale. You’ll find yet another crater in the middle, with a ton of cars, lorries, and a bunch of Hop Rocks surrounding it (more on those later). It’s a neat new area, but it’ll be pretty busy until the hype dies down, so if you want to survive, you may want to avoid it for now.

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