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The Forest: How to Get Water


The Forest: How to Get Water

How to Get Water in The Forest

Water is of critical importance in the struggle for survival when you’re alone in The Forest. Not only can it wash away blood and dirt from the player to prevent infection, but failing to keep thirst quenched can lead to dehydration, and eventually – death.

As the old mantra goes, however, “water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” Consuming from any body of the stuff will have severe consequences. Seawater, as you might suspect, is completely undrinkable, while ponds can be polluted, and though drinking from it will restore hydration, it will also cause damage to the player’s health.

Your best option is to gather fresh water in The Forest; you have two ways of doing so. The first is to fashion yourself a Water Collector to catch rainfall. You will need to gather four sticks, and a turtle shell. Any of the turtles peacefully dwelling on the beach will suffice, and they don’t put up a fight. Once you have gotten the necessary resources, open the Survival Guide and turn to the page labeled ‘food and water,’ and you will be able to craft the device. Depending on the amount of rainfall, it can gather multiple servings of the wet stuff.

Otherwise, boiling the polluted pond liquid will purify it. Build a Basic Fire or a Fire Pit, equip the pot and press ‘C’ on the fire to begin the process. It takes approximately 30 seconds, and in the end, you will have one serving of clean refreshing H2O at your disposal.

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