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The Forest: How to Make a Spear


The Forest: How to Make a Spear

Not a moment to spear.

How to Make a Spear in The Forest

There is a time and place for negotiation, but there is equally as much merit in carrying a big, pointy stick. While staving off certain death in The Forest, the latter strategy is more advisable. Spears have three methods of attack: a standard attack that costs 10 stamina per swipe, a ground attack that doesn’t use stamina, and is useful for downing felled enemies (the drawback is that it can get stuck in the ground if you’re not careful, plus it looks a little bit silly, to be honest), and a ranged attack where the spear is thrown, costing 22 stamina.

The spear is versatile insomuch that it can be flailed about while running in The Forest, and comes in three variations: weak, upgraded, and incendiary.

Making a weak spear in The Forest is quick, easy and does not cost you much in the way of resources. To fashion one costs only 2 sticks. Once you have that in your grasp, you can work on constructing the upgraded version for more damage, if you like – for that you will need 1 weak spear, 2 cloth and 3 bones. Should you have a desire to set things ablaze, you can make an incendiary weapon by combining 1 upgraded spear with 1 cloth and 1 booze.

Keep in mind that the upgraded variant of this weapon does the same amount of damage when thrown as the weak variant, so it is best to limit it to melee combat to negate the risk of being unable to retrieve it. That’s all you need to know to get yourself a nice, pointy stick to fend off foes in The Forest. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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