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5 Great Anime You Can Watch Free on YouTube Right Now


5 Great Anime You Can Watch Free on YouTube Right Now

Anyone who has browsed the anime section of any video store (or at least the ones that still exist) could tell you that anime is expensive. $80 for ten episodes of a show is pretty ridiculous, even for the most affluent of us. Even services like Funimation and Crunchyroll aren’t free, which makes watching anime difficult for people without disposable income. For those of you who just want to watch some free anime, here are five awesome anime you can watch for free, legally, on YouTube right now.


Trigun is one of the best anime ever made, bar none. This iconic series from the 90’s stars Vash the Stampede, a wandering pacifist who’s being hunted by the law for atrocities he may have committed. Despite being an incredible marksman, Vash never kills his enemies, and even avoids fighting them when possible. On his journey to come to terms with his past, Vash meets a variety of charming characters. From the understandably confused insurance workers responsible for Vash’s messes to Wolfwood, the Priest who uses a huge crucifix-gun, there’s no shortage of memorable characters in Trigun.

Though Trigun is worth watching for the characters and action alone, those who haven’t watched this classic anime may find it refreshing to have a main protagonist who dislikes fighting, but is incredibly talented at it. Though he can be goofy, Vash is a protagonist of great depth who grows without losing his initial charm. If you haven’t watched Trigun yet, check it out on Funimation’s channel. You have no idea what you’ve been missing.

This post was originally written by Spencer Legacy.

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