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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get World Cup Icons


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get World Cup Icons

How to Get World Cup Icons in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

The wait is finally over and the World Cup mode update has arrived in FIFA 18. It’s quite easy to get your hands on players, as you’re rewarded with a one player pack for every match you finish. However, there’s some players that are still quite difficult to add to your squad. Icons have been included in this year’s World Cup mode and, as they are in the main Ultimate Team mode, they’re quite rare.

If you’re after them, the first way you can try is simply to open packs. Icons can be found in either of the mode’s two gold packs, but don’t expect to find them easily. Secondly, you will be awarded a loan icon for seven games after you’ve played your first game.

The easiest way to get an Icon, however, is to complete the National Icon Squad Building Challenge (SBC). By submitting a 79 rated squad that has 50 chemistry, you will be awarded a random Icon. The SBC can only be completed once, though.

That’s all you need to know about getting Icons in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s World Cup 2018 mode. For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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