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Feast Your Eyes on the Delightfully Disgusting World of Agony With the Game’s Launch Trailer


Feast Your Eyes on the Delightfully Disgusting World of Agony With the Game’s Launch Trailer

Madmind Studios’ Agony is out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and with its official debut comes a launch trailer that’s sure to chill you to the bone. The two-minute trailer shows off just a portion of the weird and wacky sights you’ll see as you make your way through Hell. You can pick it up now, but if you’re not so sure it begs spending that hard-earned cash on, you might want to check out the official Twinfinite review from our editor-in-chief, Ed McGlone.

“Agony succeeds in depicting hell in a unique way we’ve never seen before,” Ed writes. “This is just about the most horrifying take on the underworld that I’ve ever seen in a video game. Blood-curdling screams echo through the hallways, bodies are strewn around in filth, terrifying demons stalk you and make you regret your mistakes with a gory death. So if that’s the kind of stuff you wanted to see, mission accomplished there. Aside from nailing the setting, just about every other aspect of Agony is either not fun, boring, unpolished, and as a result, the game at times can feel borderline unplayable.

” The only people who should consider Agony are people that want a truly hardcore, even at the expense of enjoyment, survival horror game that will put your patience to the test. Or, someone that really wants to experience a truly horrifying take on hell that we’ve never seen before, complete with actual torture.  That’s the only value I can eke out of Agony, and that’s a damned shame.”


Brittany Vincent is the former News Editor at Twinfinite. She's been covering video games, anime and tech for over a decade for publications like Otaku USA, G4, Maxim, Engadget, Playboy and more. Fueled by horror, rainbow-sugar-pixel-rushes, and video games, she’s a freelancer who survives on surrealism and ultraviolence. When she’s not writing, watching anime or gaming, she’s searching for the perfect successor to visual novel Saya no Uta.

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