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A Taiwanese Server Bug Lets Us See Every New Overwatch Anniversary Skin Early


A Taiwanese Server Bug Lets Us See Every New Overwatch Anniversary Skin Early

It’s coming up to Overwatch’s second anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the occasion with a new event. And of course, a new event means new skins. We’d already seen some of the new event skins, such as the Lightning Tracer and Venom Soldier skins, but thanks to a bug where the Taiwanese servers of Overwatch launched the event a little too early, we can feast our eyes on every new skin.

The Anniversary event brings with it three new epic skins and eight new legendary skins. The epic skins will cost 750 credits, while the legendary skins will set you back 3000 credits a pop.

On top of the Tracer and Soldier 76 epic skins that we’ve already seen, Lucio will also be getting a new epic skin. The following characters will be receiving a new legendary skin in the Overwatch Anniversary event: Torbjorn, Symmetra, Doomfist, Brigitte, Junkrat, McCree, Orisa, and Bastion. You can take a look at all of the new skins below.

The new skins are not the only thing up for grabs during the Anniversary event. Each loot box that you open gives you a chance to earn cosmetic items from all previous Overwatch events.

The new deathmatch map, Petra, will be arriving alongside this event, and will also be getting its own ranked competitive mode. You can join in the festivities from May 22 to June 12.


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