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How to Enable Crossplay on Xbox One


How to Enable Crossplay on Xbox One

How to Enable Crossplay on Xbox One

One of the advantages of owning an Xbox One is Microsoft’s general openness about allowing for crossplay on whatever games would like to include it. Crossplay, if you’re not familiar, is when players can play across completely different platforms. For example, Rocket League allows Switch, Xbox One, and PC players to all play together on the same server which is pretty neat!

If you ended up here, though, you might be wondering how to enable crossplay so that way you can actually partake in playing with people on other platforms. Depending on your perspective, we have either good or bad news for you. If you like the idea of crossplay, well that’s great because you don’t need to do a thing to enable it. It’s always on, there is no need or ability to enable it. If you’re playing a game that allows for it, it will always default to doing so unless you play offline of course.

On the flip side, though, if for whatever reason you wanted to turn it off because… I don’t know, you just really don’t like people who play on a certain platform, then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about other than simply not play the game. There is no way to disable crossplay. Update: Just to be clear, we are referring to within the Xbox One menu options itself. Some games now or in the future, may/may not allow you to disable it from within their game menu. Thanks for pointing that out Tom!

Finally, it’s worth noting that while PC and the Switch has demonstrated a willingness to play nice with crossplay, for the most part Sony has been hesitant on allowing it, at least with other home consoles. So keep in mind that if you’re on an Xbox One, there’s a slim chance you’ll ever see the day you’re playing with a PS4 gamer, at least as it currently stands now.

Hopefully we cleared things up for you! Have fun mixing it up with other types of gamers!

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