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Is Detroit Become Human Coming to Xbox One?


Is Detroit Become Human Coming to Xbox One?

Is Detroit: Become Human Coming to Xbox One?

Even though May is quickly coming to an end, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some great games hitting consoles before June comes around. Detroit: Become Human is the upcoming narrative-driven title from the team at Quantic Dream. Following the stories of three different androids in a near-future vision of Detroit, the game tasks players with making decisions that ultimately shape the outcome of the story, allowing for plenty of replayability and unique tales to be told. With Detroit: Become Human being a fairly unique experience, some players may be hoping that the game is coming to the Xbox One so that they can check it out.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t coming out on the Xbox One on May 25, and is unlikely to in the future, either. Quantic Dream is a first-party Sony studio, and as such, has only released its titles on Sony consoles since Heavy Rain back in 2010.

While there’s nothing quite like Quantic Dream’s narrative-driven experiences on the Xbox One currently, or due to release on it in the near future, E3 is just around the corner, so who knows what Microsoft reveal at their conference.

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