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Detroit Become Human: Preload & Unlock Times


Detroit Become Human: Preload & Unlock Times

What the Preload and Unlock Times are for Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human will finally be out in a few days, and eager PlayStation 4 (PS4) fans that are looking forward to the console’s next exclusive game can already pre-order the latest and greatest from Quantic Dreams. If you’re here, you’re probably super excited for Detroit Become Human and are wondering what the preload and unlock times are. In other words, when you can start downloading the game ahead of time, and when it actually goes live.

Like other games in the Quantic Dream library, Detroit Become Human is a single-player, narrative-driven game that tasks you with making difficult choices throughout the story. Your choices will impact the ending of the game (which ending you get) and will even determine the fate of characters as well. Whether or not certain characters live to see whatever ending you get is dependent on choices you make throughout the game’s story as it plays out.

The preload date for Detroit Become Human is set to be sometime on May 23, two days before release. Right now the exact unlock time is unknown, but based on our previous experience, it is likely to be midnight your local time May 25 for whatever region you are in. We’ll be sure to update this post as and when we find out more regarding the unlock times.

For more on Detroit Become Human, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.


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