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Is Detroit Become Human Open World?


Is Detroit Become Human Open World?

Is Detroit Become Human Open World?

The latest big exclusive for the PlayStation 4 is here with Quantic Dream’s new futuristic title, Detroit Become Human. The game takes place in the near future where humanity has created androids to help with everyday tasks and menial labor. Detroit revolves around three of these androids who start to develop artificial consciousness and the ever-growing conflict between androids and humans. Of course, with a big new PS4 exclusive many players might be wondering what kind of game it is, and with the recent trend of open world games, if it falls into that.

Unfortunately, Detroit Become Human is nowhere near open world. Much like Quantic Dream’s previous games, Detroit is a narrative-driven experience. There is some very minor exploration as you move your character around environments and examine objects or talk to people. However, most of the game comes in the form of quick-time events and dialogue decisions, building up a web of choices that can alter your playthrough and ending. In Detroit it is possible for characters to die, so you’ll want to think through decisions carefully. If you’re looking to get your open world fix you’ll need to look to other PS4 exclusive, like the recently released God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn.

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