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Detroit Become Human: Who Luther’s Voice Actor Is


Detroit Become Human: Who Luther’s Voice Actor Is

Who Luther’s Voice Actor Is in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human surely features one of video gaming’s most accomplished narratives, and it’s brought to life by an exceptional voice cast. There really isn’t a single dud performance to be heard (and seen considering each actor was involved in extensive motion capture filming, too), so it’s hard to pick a standout. If we were to think of a performance that grabbed our attention, though, it would have to be Luther. Not only is his character exceptionally cool, he’s also got one sexy voice on him. So who is the voice actor behind the character?

Luther is played by Evan Parke, a Jamaican-born American actor best known for his role as Hayes in King Kong. He also played the same role in the video game adaptation of that movie, too, but Detroit Become Human is his most substantial body of voice actor work in the video gaming industry. Parke’s other notable performances include appearances on The Blacklist, CSI, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Twinfinite has compiled a full list of voice actors in Detroit Become Human that you might like to check out. For other tips, guides, and information on the game, check out our extensive wiki page.

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