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Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Solve the Override Frequency Puzzle


Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Solve the Override Frequency Puzzle

Solving the Override Frequency Puzzle in Destiny 2

After completing the Warmind story campaign in Destiny 2, you can take on a new post-game quest from Ana, and this will unlock another quest called Nascent Dawn 1/5. The quest will task you with collecting Resonate Stems and using them to create an Override Frequency. This is a mini puzzle in and of itself, and you need to figure out the location of a Sleeper Node from its item description.

It’s worth noting that every Override Frequency in Destiny 2: Warmind is different, so you’ll need to work it out on your own. For instance, my hint was CB.NAV/RUN.()Dynamo.Approach.Arch. The last three words in the code are what you need to pay attention to. Dynamo Approach is a location on Mars, which means that’s where I need to go to find the Sleeper Node. The word “arch” is used to describe the kind of landmark or specific object I’m looking for in the Dynamo Approach so that I can pinpoint the exact location of the Sleeper Node. In this case, I’d be looking for some sort of archway in the area.

When you get close to the Sleeper Node in Destiny 2: Warmind, music will play, and it will get louder as you get closer to your objective. If the music starts to fade, it means you’re heading in the wrong direction. After completing this quest, you can create another Override Frequency by collecting more Resonate Stems.

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